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#6 Famoso Pollo Versailles - Versailles Famous Garlic Chicken

Our famous house specialty - juicy roasted half chicken marinated in our delicious garlic sauce garnished with sliced onions.

#7 Bistec De Pollo Empanisado - Breaded Chicken Steak

Tender chicken breast steak spiced and breaded to prefection.

#7A Bistec De Pollo - Chicken Steak

Tender chicken breast grilled to perfection topped with garlic sauce and garnished with white onions.

#8 Pollo En Salsa Barbacoa - Barbecue Chicken

Roasted half chicken, sweet and juicy, smothered in our delicious barbecue sauce.

#9 Arroz Con Pollo - Chicken and Yellow Rice

A classical Cuban dish - Valencia rice and chicken married in just the right amount of seasoning and garnished with peas and pimentos.

Combinacion De Pollo y Puerco

Chicken and Pork Combination

Half portion of roast chicken and roast pork topped with onions.

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