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#1 Lechon Asado - Cuban Style Roasted Pork

Classic Cuban style roasted pork marinated in Versailles uniques garlic mojo criollo sauce roasted to perfection.

#2 Macitas De Puerco Fritas - Fried Pork Chunks

Tender lean chunks of pork marinated in our special garlic mojo sauce topped with onions.

#3 Pierna De Puerco Asada - Roasted Leg of Pork

Oven roasted leg of pork marinated with garlic mojo sauce.

#4 Chuletas De Puerco - Grilled Pork Chops

Pork chops marinated in citrus juice with generous amount of Versailles garlic mojo sauce, sauteed onions and herbs.

#5 Chuletas De Puerco Empanisadas

Breaded and fried pork chops

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