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Versailles Cuban Forever
by Elaine Elaine travels Aug 31, 2010

Having been to Cuban restaurants in New York and Miami, I have to say that Versailles in Los Angeles is still my favorite Cuban restaurant in the US, and that is saying a lot with the plethora of Cuban transplants who have great restaurants on the East Coast. Versailles will forever be my definition of truly fabulous Cuban Food.

"Cuban Food At Its Best" at Versailles
by Lia Reconsal Examiner Mar 10, 2010

Versailles may not be the fanciest, nor the most elaborate of places, but it does serve home-cooking with perfected, passed on, traditional recipes. Lucky these dishes are made available to everyone that's willing to try Cuban food at its finest. Go ahead, step out of the norm and find your new acquired taste (plus: they also serve one of the best stewed beef tongue and liver steak plates in town. Whew, I just had to wipe the sweat off my brow).