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Versailles Cuban Restaurant Review
by Chow Vegan Chow Vegan Jan 10, 2010

Over the holiday weekend, I traveled to Southern California to visit with my brother’s family. While there, we got lunch to-go at Versailles Cuban Restaurant in Manhattan Beach. Since Cuban food is better known for its meat dishes, I didn’t think there would be much for me to eat besides the typical rice and beans. Sure enough, there was just two vegetarian plates on the menu, both included rice and beans.

I got the Moros, Platanos Fritos Y Ensalada Verde plate – black beans and rice cooked together, fried sweet plantains, mixed green salad and some mystery root vegetable hidden underneath the salad. It’s sorta like a potato but it’s not. I never had it before. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of beans but moros is delicious! It’s savory and flavorful with just the right ratio of rice to beans. I had no idea rice and beans can be this good.

Versailles Cuban Restaurant in Los Angeles
by Anais Narcisse Yahoo! Contributor Network Jan 6, 2010

If you have had experience with Cuban food then you probably have a clue what you will order. If this is a new culinary road for you there are many basic dishes that are certain to be enjoyed. If you are there for lunch try the Cuban sandwich which is always good. If you are dining for dinner, there are a couple of excellent favorites from which to select. If you like pork, order the pork dish served with either rice or beans and plantain. If you want something a little spicier try the grilled pork chops which are marinated in citrus juice, onion and garlic, and mojo sauce. If you want to experiment with various dishes the oxtail stew or the sautéed lamb are both great choices. If you plan on enjoying dessert Versailles Cuban Restaurant has an excellent Cuban flan made with coconut and guava.

Overall a visit to Versailles Cuban Restaurant in Los Angeles is a true and authentic Cuban dining experience. Using recipes that have remained within the family of the owners, the cuisine is impeccably prepared and beautifully presented. The prices are also quite moderate for the portion with entrees averaging around $10.95. The wait staff and management are always kind and friendly and willing to assist should you need help in ordering.